Student and Trainee Mental Health Service

In this video Dr. Anand Sukumaran, Director of Student and Trainee Mental Health (STMH) and Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, provides an introduction to STMH program and the free and confidential mental health resources available to residents and fellows in Mount Sinai Health System Training Programs. The video concludes with a current faculty member sharing her experience with STMH during fellowship.

Additional information regarding STMH may be found at

Daisuke Hasegawa
4 months agoMay 27, 2021
Thank Dr. Sukumaran for introducing STMH and Dr. Mulholland for sharing her personal experience of utilizing this essential service.
Sharel Sadud
3 months agoJune 29, 2021
Thank you so much for sharing your personal experience with us.
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